Altidore arrives in Turkey

Jozy Altidore arrived in Turkey today to join Bursaspor on loan from Villareal. He’ll remain on loan through the end of the Turkish Super Lig season in June.

It’s obvious that Villareal isn’t the place for Jozy right now – this is his third loan out from the club – but the Super Lig isn’t exactly where I’d envision the USA’s top striker (not in my opinion, but apparently in Bob Bradley’s). Overall, however, I’m hopeful that this move will pan out for Jozy better than his previous two loans (Xerez/Hull City). Bursaspor finished at the top of the Super Lig last season, and is looking to repeat their success this season. Feeling like a broken record here, but if Jozy gets serious playing time in Turkey, he’ll be all the better for it. And playing for a team that has a good chance of finishing at the top of the table can’t hurt his self-confidence.

Check out Jozy’s first interview as a member of his new Turkish club, courtesy of the Shin Guardian.


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